My name is Baljeet Singh and I am a Full Stack Web/Mobile Developer.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I started out learning to code by building websites in PHP, but have since worked with many other technologies such as Laravel, AngularJS, Ionic, VueJS, Express etc. on both frontend and backend. I love both worlds nowadays.

I have been a self-taught learner as long as I can remember and what I really love is sharing my findings and learnings with the world through blogs, websites and in-person. I highly encourage you to have a look at my website if you are curious. I love the quote “Teaching someone else is the best way to learn”.

When I am not programming or designing with a computer, I like to practice vocal music and music production. I love playing computer games and my favorite game is FIFA. I also am an open source contributor.


Loopback, Angular 5, Ionic 3: Build Web and Mobile Apps

This course is based on Loopback 3, Angular 5, Ionic. Create Full Stack Web and Mobile Applications with Angular, Ionic and NodeJS Loopback You will learn how to: LoopBack Using CLI Creating Models Using Explorer Adding New Properties to existing Models Connecting to MongoDB / Datasource Adding Relationships Authentication / ACL Filtering Data Adding Custom Endpoints with Remote …

Build an app with Ionic Framework & Laravel5

In this tutorial we will be creating an app with ionic framework (a brilliant mobile app development framework by drifyco). We will be using the api that i have created in my previous blog post to get data from the server which is created in Laravel5. In this blog post i will be covering …